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Fri 06 Dec 2019
Do you know a poem in an endangered language?
Mon 09 Jul 2018
Celebrate International Zine Month with some of our most recently added zines
Sat 20 Jun 2020
Discover works from this groundbreaking National Poetry Library exhibition
Wed 20 Jun 2018
What's new this June?
Fri 15 Jun 2018
The Poetry Business announces the winners of the New Poets Prize and the Collected Book and Pamphlet Competition
Thu 07 Jun 2018
We host the world's first Instagram poetry exhibition – find out more in our podcast
Thu 24 May 2018
And the nominees for the "poetry Oscars" are...
Wed 23 May 2018
Find out about some of our most interesting recent acquisitions
Mon 21 May 2018
This is the first time poetry has won the prize