Poem of the day


by Pekko Käppi

11 November


by Anne Humphreys

9 November

The Term

by William Carlos Williams

A rumpled sheet

of brown paper

about the length


and apparent bulk

of a man was

rolling with the


wind slowly over

and over in

the street as


a car drove down

upon it and

crushed it to


the ground. Unlike

a man it rose

again rolling


with the wind over

and over to be as

it was before.


8 November

The Art of Undressing

by Rachel Long

Image Credit: 
Amaal Said
7 November


by A K Blakemore

IO spills

on desert like a spoon of cold blood

where the mighty auroch graze at her big white stain


IO touches

her tongue to god’s

through a priceless gauze. he likes this


IO of the

the abomasum and scur. the king of egypt

bathes in rosewater for her


IO - a portrait

by Gerhard Richter: haptic rosettes

of cardinal blue / fog in the Strait of Istanbul / horn-cooped moon


IO can’t concentrate

for the gadfly stings. her temperament is assumed

to be multidimensional. she has, after all, such human eyes.


6 November

6 word stories

by Mare Street Writing Group

Man in dress gives bookie slip.

Car crash; lost love; paradise found.

Lift broke. 18th storey flat. Shit.

I'm happy. No thanks to him.

Methane man in rotten egg hoax.

I write laziness with one 's'.

Missed last bus; snow knee high.

Dyslexic pimp has bought a warehouse.

He neglected me. I left him.

Uncertainty principle: to do or not?

Growling dog. Fence 50 yards. Knackered.

Boob job, loud explosion, missing hairpiece.

All my life, I've fought death.