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The 70-Poet Challenge

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20 April


by Mary Kuper

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19 April


by Penelope Shuttle

deep sorrow for his passaway

              sorry we lost he


after your passaway 

              I give you river, 

              cloud reflected in river


You give back river 

              you give back cloud


sorry we lost he


I give you whirling dervish of house, 

              half-mile of heron


You give them back, 

              you are passaway


I give you memory 

              of our weekdays and weekends 

                            and all the days in between


You give them back 

              with or without sorrow 

                            I can’t tell


sorry we lost he


I give you hodgepodge of spiders, 

              Love’s dagger-proof coat, 

                            myself when young


I give you river and cloud, 

              you return them, unused, 

                            don’t need them


              you are passaway


17 April

Wars and Rumours

by Toluwalope Ogunlesi


love has folded His sheets of music,

time assembles to distune our talking drums,

songs seal themselves in bunkers of silence,

daylight rushes her still-wet laundry in.



scarecrows beat fear-full wings in the sky's vast


birds freeze into poles of torment, riotously hued,

it's going to rain; it's going to pour,

the clouds whisper it, through kola-blackened teeth



in years to come time will

tell it; unfold bunkers of teeth -

grinning teeth, chipped teeth, set in

a silent, still convoy of skinned skulls



a canvas citizened by victims,

a canvas mounted on poles of silence

a canvas painted in pencils of (heated) lead

- did the Painter Realise his Vision?



bunkers of silence drum to empty sheets of music

birds rain, lifeless, like kola-blackened teeth

grinning teeth, once hued, smile wet-laundry smiles

songs assemble, file into vast tombs with skinned