Poem of the day

Patience Taught by Nature

by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

‘O DREARY life,’ we cry, ‘O dreary life!’ 

And still the generations of the birds 

Sing through our sighing, and the flocks and herds 

Serenely live while we are keeping strife 

With Heaven's true purpose in us, as a knife 

Against which we may struggle! ocean girds 

Unslackened the dry land, savannah-swards 

Unweary sweep,—hills watch, unworn; and rife 

Meek leaves drop yearly from the forest-trees, 

To show above the unwasted stars that pass 

In their old glory. O thou God of old, 

Grant me some smaller grace than comes to these!— 

But so much patience as a blade of grass 

Grows by, contented through the heat and cold.


28 July

Sumer is icumen in

by Anonymous

27 July

Library Lovers

by Joe Duggan

Joe Duggan

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Paul Grace
26 July

'I heard a Fly buzz'

by Emily Dickinson

25 July

Her Joy is Wild

by Wole Soyinka

24 July

Hushed is the buzz of the noisy world

by George Gissing

Hushed is the buzz of the noisy world, 

Gently each bird to its home is flitting, 

The flags o'er the sun's bright path are furled, 

Soon will each flower with the dew be pearled 

As asleep it lies unwitting. 


Spell-bound is the ever-whispering air, 

For, gazing aloft where the stars are peeping 

In this holy silence everywhere 

Tired Nature speaks in a fervent prayer 

To Him who protects her sleeping.


23 July

'Leaves of Grass'

by Paul Peter Piech