12 October

Reaching for the Moon

by Áine Ni Glinn

Sometimes you reach out to catch the air

like a child stretching for the moon

frowning when it slips through your fingers


Once I gave you a finger to hold

Yours trickled past aimlessly

Easier know nothing than the unknown


Death comes slowly choosing others first

some younger still with much to do

You will go on dying a long time yet


11 October

Of the Backpack and the Soul

by Suzanne Batty

10 October

Cafe Ikea Flatpack for Stuart

by Simon Cutts

9 October


by Prasenjit Maiti

How would I really grow old?

Grow a beard, wrinkles

under my bright blue eyes

and a week-long stubble

across my sad chin

of yonder years

How would I really grow old

as the skies here in Calcutta

ridicule my envy

my rage impotent

like the clouds here in Calcutta

my beloved, that don’t burst

and smear a lot of sorrows

along the city highways

How would I really grow old

among my rains and my sunshine

and my bleak winter cold?


8 October


by Paul Peter Piech