Poem of the day


by Paul Peter Piech

14 April

The London Eye

by Patience Agbabi

13 April


by Paul Peter Piech

12 April

First Things

by Philip Gross

Never more than a blink away

from first things ... It seems only today


that Washing Machine Dreaming

opened its timeless tracts to me,

its spiral galaxy


expanding at nine hundred revs per minute

like a brisk shake from the One Dog

back from splashing in eternity.


It’s a whorl in the long grass

where a little twister did its pirouette


or the same Dog, in its next-door’s

yappy spaniel form,

turned three times widdershins


with its every ancestor on great savannahs

where it goes to dream

and we are no more


than a smudge of smoke

on the horizon


11 April

Ah! Sun-flower

by William Blake

10 April

Just Long Celia

by Nasaria Suckoo-Chollette

9 April

Once More I Will Greet the Sun

by Forough Farrokhzad

Once more I will greet the sun,

the stream that flowed in me,

the clouds which were my long thoughts,

the painful growth of poplars in the garden

which pass through the dry seasons with me,

the flocks of crows

which brought me the smell of the night farms

as presents,

my mother who lived in the mirror

and was the image of my old age.


Once more I will greet the earth whose burning soul

is filled with the green seeds of my incessant passion.


I will come, I will come, I will come,

with my hair, the continuation of the smells of the undersoil,

with my eyes, as the dense experiences of darkness,

with the bushes I have picked in the wilderness beyond the wall

I will come, I will come, I will come

and the entrance will be filled with love

and at the entrance, once more, I will greet those who love

and the girl who is still standing there

at the threshold full of love.