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Sat 08 Dec 2018 - Sat 28 Mar 2020
Merlynda Robinson performs her satirical poetry
7.00pm | Monday 11 Nov 2019
Explore colour, movement and light in language in a five-week poetry course inspired by Bridget Riley, led by poet Rachel Long

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Joo Yeon Park, Twenty Times a Thousand (2019). Photo by Dan Weill
11.00am | Thursday 5 Dec 2019
A new exhibition commemorates Samuel Beckett
Including foundation level courses and mentoring opportunities
4.30pm | Sunday 15 Dec 2019
An event featuring readings from Valley Press poets
7.30pm | Tuesday 17 Dec 2019
Multi-instrumentalists plus poetry open mic
4.30pm | Sunday 22 Dec 2019
Join the Live Canon ensemble as they perform Christmas poems old and new
4.30pm | Sunday 5 Jan 2020
Hear Inua Ellams perform his work
various | Mon 06 Jan – Sun 16 Feb 2020
Explore the lyrics and poetry of the Nobel Prize for Literature recipient
Mon 06 to Mon 27 Jan 2020
A three week online course