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Wed 15 Jan – Wed 8 Apr 2020
An online course on writing for the theatre for poets
Wed 15 Jan to Wed 8 Apr 2020
An online course examining poems of the climate crisis
Wed 15 Jan to Wed 26 Feb 2020
An online course for poets working towards their first collection
12.00am | daily until Thursday 23 Apr 2020
Exploring the monoku
10:45 am | Thu 16 Jan – Thu 19 Mar 2020
Lectures exploring Ovid's poem and the art it has inspired

Rug Rhymes

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India Roper-Evans
Children at poetry workshop
10.30am | Friday 17 Jan 2020
Find your spot on the poem rug for a short session of nursery rhymes and poems for under-5s
11.00am | Saturday 18 Jan 2020
Explore locations that inspired Keats
6.30pm | Monday 20 Jan 2020
Share your thoughts on Roger Robinson's poetry collection, the winner of this year's TS Eliot Prize
7:00 pm | from Mon 20 Jan to Mon 23 Mar 2020
Study Old English poetry
7.00pm | Monday 20 Jan 2020
Hear Matthew Coulton read the poetry of Keats