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Thu 19 Oct 2023
Top ten vinyl LPs from National Poetry Library vinyl collection.
Mon 02 Oct 2023
Explore a world of poetry with us on National Poetry Day.
Mon 09 Oct 2023
Highlights from the National Poetry Library's posters collection over the past 70 years
Sun 29 Oct 2023
The National Poetry Library launches a new national project aiming to shift the national conversation about poetry.
Tue 30 May 2023
Highlights from the National Poetry Library's past 70 years
Wed 10 May 2023
Could you be part of Southbank Centre's New Poets' Collective?
Thu 04 May 2023
Thread-based poetry to accompany our current exhibition 'Poets in Vogue'.
Thu 30 Mar 2023
We admire three poets who redress the female figure
Wed 01 Feb 2023
Three haunting verse-scores to mark the turn of the year
Tue 17 Jan 2023
Winner revealed following a ceremony at the Southbank Centre