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Latest acquisitions July 2018

It’s International Zine Month so we wanted to share some of the freshest zines on our shelves (as well as ebooks and print books too)! 

Strange seasons / Stephanie Powell
[Girls' Own Satanic Tea Party, 2018]

Strange Seasons

Image Credit: 
Stephanie Powell



A brand new zine from Girls Own Satanic Tea Party which weaves poetry with collage.

Picket poetry pamphlet / edited by Samuel Kendall and Rebecca Sandeman
[Cicatrice Journal, Univeristy of Sheffield, 2018]

This anthology of protest poetry by university students, staff, and alumni acts as a megaphone to the ongoing UCU (University & College Union) fight to save university staff pensions. 

Black Movie [ebook] / Danez Smith
[Minneapolis, Minnesota : Button Poetry/Exploding Pinecone Press, 2017]

Black Movie

Image Credit: 
Danez Smith



This is a 2017 ebook release of the US-published print collection from 2015. It features a series of poems entitled ‘[...] in the hood’, which re-enact cinematically the ongoing racist treatment and murder of black people in the United States. It also includes ‘Dear White America’ from the poet’s latest Forward Prize-nominated collection Don’t Call Us Dead.

Voguing hiragana / anonymous
[Place of publication and publisher not identified, 2017]

Hiragana is a Japanese phonetic lettering system that translates as ‘ordinary’ or ‘simple’. This anonymous pamphlet (the only copy to be found in any library in the world!) is made up entirely of photographs of a man getting his hair cut, a fan of syllabograms appearing to shear off alongside his cast-offs.

Old Toffer's book of consequential dogs / Christopher Reid ; drawings by Elliot Elam
[London : Faber and Faber, 2018]


At last! What the poetry and canine worlds have been waiting for, the companion volume to T. S. Eliot’s Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats. Inspired by his chauffeur, who described his own dog as not a pedigreed or consequential dog, Eliot had always intended to write the companion to his cat poetry himself. Published in September we’ve been lucky enough to get our paws on a limited edition proof copy, signed by poet Christopher Reid and illustrator Elliot Elam. Reid has said of Faber & Faber’s invitation, “The moment I was approached, I said yes because I thought: what an honour and what fun!”. We look forward to the musical!