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Wed 04 Dec 2019
Check out our final picks of 2019
Thu 05 Dec 2019
Find out what we've collected over the past month
Wed 27 Nov 2019
An incredible range of poets on this year's shortlist
Mon 25 Nov 2019
Congratulations to Nina, who is also one of our library assistants
Thu 14 Nov 2019
Find out what's new in this winter
Wed 06 Nov 2019
Beginning with the letters ‘A’ and ‘B’ in spring 2020, Armitage will use the alphabet as the framework for the tour
Tue 05 Nov 2019
Some highlights from our latest crop of UK poetry magazines
Mon 21 Oct 2019
Congratulations to Fiona Benson, Stephen Sexton and Parwana Fayyaz
Mon 21 Oct 2019
Find out who made the grade for this year's prize
Mon 14 Oct 2019
The iconic poet, activist and artist has died aged 82