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Poetry publishers

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Whether by new or established and award-winning writers this is poetry sure to challenge and delight
The ethos governing the output of the press is that the poem should dictate the format of publication
Award-winning children's books to suit all ages including: The Gruffalo, The Immortals and Meg Cabot
One of the longest running self-funded small presses in Scotland
For poems that have the hard light of intelligence, nourish the mind, and can be picked up by anyone
Works to promote new writers from the Tees Valley area, mainly publishing poetry and short stories
Produces hand-picked, handsome volumes of contemporary poetry and short stories
A small independent press based in London
Children’s imprint aiming to make a difference, push boundaries and publish books that children love
Gives priority to BAME, LGBTQ and working class poets to insure it receives sufficient representation