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Poetry Book Awards

The Poetry Book Awards is an annual, international book award given to the best poetry books produced by indie writers, self published authors or books published by independent or small presses.

Open to independent authors and publishers worldwide
Winning books sent to top UK publisher - Carcanet Press
Overall winner - 1 year subscription to PN Review
Cash prizes, certificate, logo
Great Amazon and Goodreads reviews
Earn recognition from having an award-winning book
Your book cover and link on the website

Your book will be judged by experienced, published poets, award-winning authors, local writing groups and library staff. The aim of the awards is to achieve respect and recognition from authors, publishers and publishing organisations for the winning choices. This will help the winners gain further recognition when they can proudly announce that they are award-winning authors of the ‘Poetry Book Awards’ and be confident that the title is respected.

Even though more and more people are enjoying and participating in creative writing it is becoming increasingly difficult to become traditionally published, especially in the poetry world. Most of the top book prizes and competitions do not allow self published authors to enter. If they are allowed then many are extremely expensive leaving independent publishers, self publishers and indie authors struggling to find the recognition they deserve.

After many years of finding and promoting outstanding poets through the International Welsh Poetry Competition, the Poetry Book Awards now aim to bring further recognition to those writers that have produced a book-length collection of their work and hope to heighten a poet’s profile by offering this new award.