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The Windows


From red to green all yellow's erased

When parrots sing in virgin forests

Giblets of pi-hi

There's a poem on those one-winged birds

We'll send it you by fax

Monstrous trauma

That makes your eyes water

There's a right babe among those Turinese bints

That'll make you lift the blinds

Now look the window's opening

Hands weaving light like spiders

Anaemic beauty unfathomable violets

No use trying for shut-eye

How everyone stares out at midnight

When you've the time you've the freedom

Winkles Cod countless Suns and the Sea-urchin of dusk

An old pair of shoes by the window

High rises

High rises are streets


Wells are courtyards


Hollow trees shelter homeless mulattos

Chabin lads sing murder ballads

to the dusky Chabin girls

As the goose-honk trumpets northward

To where racoon hunters

Scrape pelts

Gleaming diamond


Where the glowing night train flees the winter snow


From red to green all yellows erased

Paris Vancouver Hyéres Maintenon New York Antilles

The window opens like an orange

Glorious fruit of light


From Brando's Hat No 2 (Summer 1998). Translated by Steven Waling

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