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White Hydrangea

Michael Dickman

From the fridge

Voices and tubs of whipped cream

In cool limelight

Glowing day and night


Against the house

A cone or picket fence all in a line

Imitating kids


Part shade part whipple


Pistachios dust the car window in weird pollen


My headaches tip forward into toilets or break off little pieces of ice

feathered through

with yellow comb


Icebergs leak flowers & amp; medical grade neon

Over-the-counter Jell-O

Open the fridge and the fridge sighs


Powdered milk

And smooth leaves

Switch on


The petals are Wet-n-Wild Megalast Highshine


It’s terrible here


Part of 'In the Beginning of Covid-19', a series of poems curated by Jason Dodge in 2020

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