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Penelope Shuttle

deep sorrow for his passaway

              sorry we lost he


after your passaway 

              I give you river, 

              cloud reflected in river


You give back river 

              you give back cloud


sorry we lost he


I give you whirling dervish of house, 

              half-mile of heron


You give them back, 

              you are passaway


I give you memory 

              of our weekdays and weekends 

                            and all the days in between


You give them back 

              with or without sorrow 

                            I can’t tell


sorry we lost he


I give you hodgepodge of spiders, 

              Love’s dagger-proof coat, 

                            myself when young


I give you river and cloud, 

              you return them, unused, 

                            don’t need them


              you are passaway


From The Rialto No 65 (Summer 2008)