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Pagham Harbour Spring

Lee Harwood

(in memory of Joey Pierce/Harwood)


The blur of sky and sea

this white grey morning

before the day burns

moves into blue


the sweet butter scent of gorse

the sweet scent of you

dear daughter   ghost in my head

dear daughter


the mudflats and saltings shine

as the children run by

along marsh edge and the high dyke bank

egret and oystercatcher   dunlin and sandpiper


In the distance a train passes 

where a short neat man

pushes a refreshment trolley

his clean white shirt immaculately ironed

his black waistcoat just right

the quiet dignity of him

as he passes through the hours


You’d know this   the particulars

were you here

held in the wide sky arc

the children running on the dyke bank

absorbed in this world


From Thumbscrew No 16 (Summer 2000)