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Our Insanity

Golnoosh Nour

Don't speak to me of panic when my 

glamorous sorrows have turned me 

into a rockstar! Drugged up, I hide my 

jewels in socialist orgies. Tonight, my 

muse has one emerald eye, and one 

aquamarine eye, garnet hair, and he 

has the coldest fire I have ever touched

he is indeed the prettiest star, and I 

am filled with loss. Still, I cherish his cold 

fire as he strokes my insane face

we look a bit like politicians we want to forget

our time together a never-ending summer

and I am nothing but an accidental survivor 

of my mother’s moondust. The pigs couldn’t 

drown me, and now I’m as ethereal as a siren

holding a gun.




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