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The First Wave

Nina Powles
While listening to Radio NZ coverage of the 7.8 magnitude Kaikoura earthquake, November 13, 2016 

they request that we inform you immediately              you are standing on soft ground

the ceiling lights are swinging in the background

the waves crash, then dissipate                        the first wave may not be the largest

this is a flow-on event so do not go near                                 do not stay and watch the land

slipping            it has triggered other faults like a network of nerves

and the seabed has risen out of the sea                                    there are visible ruptures

running along the landscape                            this is a flow-on event                      

but the moon does not cause earthquakes        the ceiling lights are a typical pattern

of aftershocks                          and they request that we inform you  

you are a visible rupture running along the landscape

do not stay and watch                          the nerves slipping

there will be strong currents in the background

the moon has risen out of the sea                    the first wave crashes, then dissipates

you are standing on such soft ground


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