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The Ex-Poet writes HTML

Sheenagh Pugh

He types "go here"; encloses it

in an anchor ref. Now, if you click

on the words,


the thing will happen. He writes code

to make words dance, change colour,

come alive.


He can make them shape the image

of his new book cover,

with secret text


embedded; when the cursor rests,

adventure leaps out.

And he can't believe


the power, the way words move,

at last, as he wants,

the way they turn


into sounds and patterns, the way

they send his readers

on the journey


he chose for them. He spends

whole days online, can't sleep

for thinking up


page after page, hooked

on creation, and he hasn't written

a poem in months.


From The Yellow Crane No 20 (Spring 2002)

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