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The defiance of a flower

Chiranan Pitpreecha

Reading from Southbank Centre's Poetry Parnassus festival, 2012. Reading in Thai.

Translated from the Thai by Rachel Harrison:
The defiance of a flower
Woman has two hands
To seize tight the essence of life
The twisted sinews are torn by work
Not by preening with glittering silks.
Woman has two feet
To climb toward her dreams,
To stand together, firm
Not to feed from the labour of others.
Woman has eyes
To search for a new life
To look far across the earth
Not to cast amorous glances in flirtation.
Woman a heart,
A constant flame
Building force, creating a mass,
For she, she is a person.
Woman has a life
To wipe away the traces of wrong with reason
She has value as a free person
Not as a servant of lust.
A flower has sharp thorns
Not bursting into bloom for an admirer
She blossoms to raise
The glory of the earth.