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September Magazines Round-up

Here are a few highlights from our September crop of poetry magazines:

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First issued in York in 1996 by the Canadian writer Paul Sutherland, Dream Catcher represents a ‘truly international’ magazine. Originally aimed at student writers, it broadened its appeal and embraced a changing editorship - number 28 saw an all-female panel - and each issue now features work from a specially selected artist. Issue 39, the first under new editor Wendy Pratt, is a hymn to Victorian nostalgia with a touch of melancholy, the top notes provided by Adele Karmazyn’s surreal digitally-reworked photographs of folks wrenched from the depths of the 19th century rudely into the 21st. 


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Poetry, the oldest monthly poetry magazine in English, continues to publish some of the best and most experimental poems being written today. The September issue collects mostly American poets, along with London poet A K Blakemore and Ukranian poet Serhiy Zhadan. Highlights include poems by Aria Aber, beyza ozer, and a lyrical essay on the cracks between languages by Sadiqa de Meijer. Poetry has always been a champion of poems that take on experimental visual shapes; there’s a haunting, sprawling flowchart-poem by Vanessa Angélica Villarea that has its own fold-out spread. But the centrepiece of this issue is surely the poet Alice Notley’s exquisite collages composed of glitter, stickers and other miscellaneous objects stuck onto paper fans. 


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Issue 12 of Skylight 47 marks the first themed edition of this Galway-based journal, with the topics of Language, Landscape and Migration being explored across poems, articles and a conversation between spoken word artists Felicia Olusanya and Dagogo Hart. The newspaper feel of this journal makes it a pleasure to read, and, as always, this issue includes a useful and insightful poetry masterclass from a featured poet - this time, Tim Cumming methodically workshops a piece by an anonymous poet to demonstrate how a poem can be revised and reworked. A bonus supplement showcases under-represented writers from writing groups across Galway City and County - testament to how invested this journal is in its local literary community.


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