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New to Eloans: Boix, Barokka, Fox

Enjoy brand new poetry from the comfort of home

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Ballad of a Happy Immigrant by Leo Boix (London : Random House, 2021)

A stylish debut from award-winning British-Latinx queer poet Leonardo Boix, these poems sing of the sorrow and joy of pulling up roots, of straddling languages and cultures, and finding a sense of belonging in a new country. Boix came to live in the UK from Buenos Aires over 20 years ago, and now works as a poet, educator and mentor with a special interest in gender, identity and politics.

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Ultimatum Orangutan by Khairani Barokka  (Rugby : Nine Arches Press, 2021)

London-based Indonesian poet Barokka's second collection sports a striking tinted cover image of a landscape in West Sumatra. Blending concerns of global environmental crisis and colonial injustice with a vision of the disabled body as an ecosystem in its own right, the work becomes a poetic and political articulation of survival and resistance.

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The Oscillations by Kate Fox (Rugby : Nine Arches Press, 2021)

Diagnosed with autism at the age of 42, northern poet and comedian Kate Fox's poetry offers a revealing insight into her neurodiverse experience of the world. Divided into sections 'Before' and 'After' the pandemic, she explores what it means to communicate and connect with others who are 'different', and to navigate shifting relationships and social boundaries during a period of personal and global upheaval.