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May Magazines Round-up

Here are a few highlights from all the poetry magazines we received in May:

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The celebratory tone of the editor's note at the beginning of issue 5 of Funhouse - "whatever you love, it will find you again and again and it will save you" - gives readers an indication of what to expect within: a joyful, chaotic, and visually arresting selection of poems, stories and comics, bursting with life and risograph printed in deep green ink. From the wobbly disorientation of Zachary Crosby's 'Chords' to the dry musings in Susannah Dickey's 'Bits of Hero', the poems in this small and colourful magazine all contribute to its exuberant charm. Also of note is Bridget Meyne's amusing short comic 'Scammer'.

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The A3 Review describes itself as "a magazine that behaves like a map" and despite its small size, you could easily get lost as you unfold each page. Issue 10 or 'The Triangles Issue' features a punchy guest interview with American poet Jericho Brown where he discusses his early influences and his writing process. There are stories and poems about: a lab experiment gone wrong, lovemaking that feels right, passed-down fears and the poetry of crumbs. Also includes: A mikvah, many hats, and some Anish Kapoor installations.

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If Hotel magazine were a hotel it would show up on those lists of super cool hotels you wonder if you’re cool enough to stay at. The first guest you encounter, on opening this reassuringly robust publication, is John Malkovich reenacting Dorothea Lange’s iconic photograph ‘Migrant Mother’. The second guest is Isabel Galleymore, recently shortlisted for the Forward Prize for her first collection Significant Other. Her poems are printed on red paper.  Each issue has a different coloured abstract on the cover with the colour repeating inside the magazine on random pages. Or are these the poets (Ralf Webb, Rachel Kass, Jack Underwood, Sophie Seita) staying in the best rooms? Now that’s some pretty cool interior magazine design. Are we cool enough to even be hanging around in the lobby? 

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