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Latest acquisitions September 2018

What has been added to our collection this month? Here are a few highlights:

Poems (2012-2017) / Oki Sogumi
Cambridge : Face Press, 2017 

Oki Sogumi cover

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the comfort of hearing your favourite pop songs, wherever in the world you go
the horror of hearing your favourite pop songs, wherever in the world you go

Born in Seoul, Oki Sogumi currently lives in Philadelphia.  We weren’t familiar with her work and so we’re forever grateful to Face Press in Cambridge who produced this beautiful edition of these dreamy, troubled poems. Beyond the poet’s interest in rebellion, speculation, waywardness, and the politics of care, there’s a genuine warmth here that really hooked us in and hasn’t quite let us go.

Their lunar language / Charlotte Eichler
Scarborough : Valley Press, 2018

Their Lunar Language

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Every time you feel like you know where you're headed with this gorgeous looking pamphlet something comes along and jabs you in the neck. Whether it was the little girl with her collection of tortured insects, the brooches of milk teeth, or the unchanging views of Prague in the red View-Master - there’s a kind of spooky dream world here, full of uncomfortable detail, beautifully rendered. More please!


A small box of river / drawings by Jake Attree ; poetry by Robert Powell
York : Attree & Powell, 2016


A small box of river

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After admiring our display of artists’ books, Robert Powell kindly sent us a copy of his own limited-edition box of poems. Fifteen poetic portraits of rivers in and around the city of York are partnered with fifteen atmospheric black and white drawings, printed in photo-lithography on paper that’s thick and cottony. Delightful as a boat ride.


Fears for the near future : towards a diagnostic manual of the peripheral phobias / CS Miersheid
UK : Neon Books, 2018

Fears for the near future

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The Poetry Book Society (PBS) Bulletin listing is a great resource for us to spot any books or pamphlets we might have missed. The Summer 2018 pamphlet list included the intriguing title Fears for the Near Future by CS Mierscheid. Further investigation led to confusion; was this not an index of postmodern phobias by an eminent professor of psychology? We decided to trust the PBS and get some copies in - we’re very glad we did. We love wonderful new words, with definitions, arranged alphabetically. Our current favourite is 'Deletequency Paranoia': 

The fear that colleagues can identify the sound of one key - backspace - being struck repeatedly and thus that a person is being judged and assessed on the number of errors and deletions made vs. work actually produced.
Deletequency Paranoia; Fears for the Near Future

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