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January Magazines Round-up

Here are a few highlights from our January collection of poetry magazines:

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The fourth issue of eyot magazine, beautifully printed in its unique, slim A4 style, is a pleasure to read thanks to impeccable, selective editing. Highlights include a spooky visual poem by Peter King, a thoughtful response to an Edward Hopper piece by Nadia Saward, and a substantial reflection on Iceland and photography by Rowland Bagnall. Images tastefully printed behind the text add a welcome touch of colour to these pages, and the inclusion of poster poems from the series jacob and the angel provide a further visual treat.

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The January issue of POETRY includes brand new poems from Emily Berry, Jorie Graham and Jenny Zhang, plus a spread of stunning abstract watercolour paintings by American poet AR Ammons. This volume is haunted by ghosts -- like the spectre of Jean Rhys in a poem by Sandra Lim, and a long-haired Korean folklore spirit in Su Cho’s wonderful, uncanny 'A Little Cheonyeo Gwishin Appears in My Kitchen'. CAConrad’s body-shaped visual poems curve off the page: “when gender blurs in a / poem my world sets a / tooth in the gear”.

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Acumen always provides a fresh and engaging perspective on many different poets and themes. January 2020’s issue contains a reconsideration of Walter de la Mare alongside an exploration of the creative parallels between AE Housman, Robert Frost and Giovanni Pascoli. This issue 96 looks to explore international poets and fittingly reviews Poems from the Edge of Extinction: An Anthology of Poetry in Endangered Languages, which emerged from our Library’s Endangered Poetry Project and is edited by National Poetry Librarian Chris McCabe. 

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