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Danger! This pamphlet contains poetry

A free zine-making workshop in the library for 15—18 year olds (Delivered by the University of Bristol as part of the UK's Being Human festival of the humanities) 

Mon 15th Nov 2021, 2—6pm

In this collaborative workshop, we will repurpose radical histories of insurrectionary imagination.

We delve into the National Poetry Library’s ‘Endangered Poetry Project’, which has collected and translated poetry in endangered languages from around the world. We will read and listen to poems from that archive and think about the questions they ask about words, society and the world. Together we will edit, curate and annotate our own poetry pamphlet. In so doing, we will reflect on why and how these poems respond to today’s crises.

Along the way, we will learn and talk about histories of journals and pamphlets that flourished in Africa, Europe and around the world as European empires crumbled in the twentieth century. At that time, editors, writers and readers found new connections between writing in different languages and between culture and politics.

How can we take up and take forward those histories today? If you are 15—18 and would like to join us, please sign up!

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