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National Poetry Library Open Day

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Harpreet Kalsi
Gold patten print
12.00pm | Saturday 19 Oct 2019
Peek into the library to browse hidden gems and enjoy live readings and displays

Deaf Republic: Poets on Deafness

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Caleb Femi
Raymond Antrobus
1.30pm | Saturday 19 Oct 2019
Poets Raymond Antrobus, Ilya Kaminsky and Lisa Kelly share the stage to perform their latest works

Koestler Arts - Another Me: Mindful Writing

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Buster Boy, Bracton Centre (Secure Mental Health Unit) 2019
Koestler Arts - Another Me:  Mindful Writing
2.30pm | Saturday 19 Oct 2019
Respond to an anthology of poetry produced by people inside the criminal justice system
3.00pm | Saturday 19 Oct 2019
Hear the work of three poets who are at the forefront of a new generation of experimentation
3.30pm | Saturday 19 Oct 2019
Hear Salena Godden perform
6.30pm | Saturday 19 Oct 2019
Be here for the launch of a groundbreaking anthology of poetry written in endangered languages

My Name is My Own

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Ted Murphy
My Name is My Own at Southbank Centre
10.00pm | Saturday 19 Oct 2019
Confront issues of rights at a performance by black and brown women and non-binary people
12.00pm | Sunday 20 Oct 2019
Mark the 200th anniversary of the publication of Goethe's great work of world literature
12.00pm | Sunday 20 Oct 2019
A poetry workshop with Anne-Marie Fyfe
1.30pm | Sunday 20 Oct 2019
Fire up disruptive poetry in this live reading and discussion with internationally renowned poets