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NPL Special Edition - September 2024

Special Edition: Other Languages, Othered Worlds

For this Special Edition, we are joined by poets Ann Pelletier-Topping, Danne Jobin, L. Kiew, Mary Robinson, and Jinhao Xie, who write between English and their respective mother tongues (French, Welsh, Teochew, Chengdu-ness – a subset of Sichuanese – and Mandarin).

Each of the poets explore the limitations of language, where imagery falters or the word loses its meaning in the liminal space of translation. Their poems respond to themes of identity, migration and boundaries through the lenses of multiculturalism and multilingualism.

Through this immersion in an innovative soundscape of accents and rhythms, the audience is invited to co-create new meanings and common moments of comprehension.

Age recommendation

For ages 16+

Approximate run time: 1 hour 30 mins

Dates and times
Wed 4 Sep, 8pm
National Poetry Library
Level 5, Blue Side
Royal Festival Hall
Belvedere Road
From £7