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Special Edition: Non-Human Poetry

The event presents a performance-lecture from Fiona Glen and Nina Hanz, who have written on, to and as mushrooms – pushing their writing to express how fungi spore, sprawl, consume and bloom.

Glen and Hanz read from their recently published pamphlet, Mycoglossia, and reflect on how their project digests and recomposes cultural matter that surrounds it, like a mycelial web.

This is followed by Mara-Daria Cojocaru, who presents poetry co-produced by humans and companion dogs.

Combining layers of human language with visual and olfactory elements, Cojocaru presents a multi-species poems created with her dogs, as well as eight additional dog-human teams.

Multi-species poetry can help humans appreciate the ways in which their best animal friends perceive the world differently, and can, in part, actually be read by dogs as well.

Dates and times
8:00 pm to 9:30 pm | Wed 22 Feb 2023
National Poetry Library,
Level 5, Blue Side, Royal Festival Hall,
Belvedere Road,