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Reading and Performing Your Poetry

As a poet, these days, you are expected to read your work at festivals and events, in pubs, theatres, fields and on hillsides... this course aims to help build your confidence, help you find your reading style, arm you with some practical techniques and create a space in which to get feedback on your performance skills.

The course will include:
  • voice techniques and breath
  • microphone techniques
  • combating nerves
  • adapting to venues (festivals, tents, pubs, reading for radio)
  • memorizing versus reading

and give writers a chance to practice reading aloud and get feedback from peers and the course leaders.

The cost is £80 for the day, which includes lunch (please let us know of any dietary requirements).

You can book for either the Wednesday 13th June or Wednesday 11th July.

Dates and times
various times | Wed 13 Jun or Wed 11 Jul 2018
Old Diorama Arts Centre
83 Canterbury Grove