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Language of the Social

‘We have no language for the feelings’ – D H Lawrence

Join Caleb Femi to explore the social side of language and break through its barriers to catch a true glimpse of reality.

In this workshop, participants will explore the works of a range of poets – including Kei Miller, Jorie Graham, Eboni Hogan, Adam Lowe, and Zia Ahmed – to investigate how they prod and pull communications to their requirements and, in so doing, attempt to break through language’s barriers to give a true glimpse on the state of reality.

The inefficiencies of language are the poet’s biggest challenge; to come close to expressing the true nature of reality, we must constantly try to break linguistic molds. We must disassemble, restructure, reassign, and re-invent language if we are to do justice to our experiences. This is especially true of social experiences, since this is when the patterns of communication are at their most fluid and volatile.
Dates and times
10:30 am | Sat 13 Oct 2018
The Poetry School
1 Dock Offices
Canada Water
Surrey Quays Road
SE16 2XU
£72 | 60+: £68 | concessions £58