Poem of the day

The Harlem Dancer

by Claude McKay

15 October

Earth Ocean

by Apollinaire

- to Giorgio de Chirico


I built a house in the middle of the ocean

Its windows rivers streaming from my eyes

Octopuses storm the walls we hold onto

Hear their triple hearts beat beaks rattle the panes

                           Sodden house

                           House on fire

                           Quick season

                           Season of song

              The planes are dropping eggs

              Mind the anchor that one swings

Mind the inkjet that one squirts

A good thing you've come from the sky

The earthbound octopuses are trembling

And we're nothing but clever gravediggers

Pale octopuses of chalk seas pale-beaked octopuses

You can tell there's an ocean round this house

It never sleeps


14 October

Poem for a Blind Daughter

by Katrina Naomi

(after Kate Clanchy)


We thought you’d like to know:


that the colour of my eyes, which is also yours,

smells of the sea, pungent 

with bladder wrack, flecked with an approaching storm,


that your father’s hair, which is also yours,

is the sound of a stone lobbed into the deepest well,

splashing, then stilled,


that you’re likely to inherit our height,

which tastes of the cool, peat-laden spring

at the furthest reaches of Loch Maree,


that the shade of your skin

is smooth as the finest sand of Ullapool,

kissed repeatedly by a loving tide,


that you live in a tall, white building,

high above the ocean,

where one day, you will own the brightest eye.


13 October

'The poet's function'

by Paul Peter Piech