Poem of the day

In the snowball-game

by Katherine Gallagher

22 January

Bam Chi Chi La La : London, 1969

by Lorna Goodison

21 January


by Anthony Joseph

20 January

'I heard a Fly buzz'

by Emily Dickinson

19 January

Turn off your phone

by Subhadassi

Turn off your phone.

                                   Place it, face down,

on cold sandstone: that oxblood-red back-step

she buffed for sixty years.

                                            Look out

past the well-kept lawn, its marrow stripes

while radio waves walk through walls,

bark, bone and steel:

                                  congregate to a signal.


Rest your eyes beyond the fence

on the trunks of birch that ebb into the wood.

Feel those white trees breathe.

                                                      The entropy

of branch and leaf may offer some relief.


Whether they do or don't,

after a time you must pick up your phone,

face its empty screen:

                                     turn it on again.


18 January


by Imtiaz Dharker

17 January

Post script

by Tracey Emin

I was seven -

Mummy I said - one of the girls in my class

it’s her birthday - and this evening she’s having

a party - can I go


I put on my favourite party dress - Mum

carefully wrapped up some cheap Turkish jewellery

in a piece of tissue paper - for my gift -

And up the road I went - outside school five

or six little girls stood around - the girl

whose birthday it was arrived with her dad

in the car - and as everybody went to get

and her father sternly followed by saying

I’m afraid you’re not invited - you don’t

have an invitation -

I waited outside of school for as long as I

could - and after hiding the jewellery - I went home -

Mum - asked ‘did you enjoy the party’ - yes I said

it was lovely -


That night - I laid in bed and cried - I cried

myself to sleep - and in the morning I asked -

Mummy, what’s an invitation?