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About Us Poetry & Coding Competition 2021

The Poetry Society, Stemettes and 59 Productions have launched a new poetry and coding competition for young people aged 4-18 who are based in the UK on the theme of ‘connectivity and the universe’.

Young people are invited to reflect on the infinite ways in which we are connected to the universe, the natural world, and one another from the Big Bang to the present day. Entrants could explore space and cosmology, cellular life, ecosystems, networks within the human body, linguistic connectivity, technology, the climate – the theme is open to interpretation!

There are two strands to the competition: young people can enter a poem, or an animation using the Scratch coding platform, or they can enter both. Poems should be no longer than 20 lines and Scratch animations should not exceed 90 seconds.

If entrants would like to enter in Braille or British Sign Language, please get in the contact with the competition organisers via the website, where there are also free poetry and coding resources for all key stages available.

The winners of the competition will have the chance to see their work featured in the live show in spring 2022 and will also have access to continued professional development activities.