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‘Postcards From The Hedge: A Bestiary of the Night’ Single Poem Competition

Do you remember closing your eyes to go to sleep only for your overactive imagination to take over and turn every shadow into a monster, ever squeak of a floorboard into the footsteps of some strange and scary animal, every breath tasting of magic and mystery and no matter how tightly you squeezed  your eyes shut, you knew not to open them. Something was watching you.

Hedgehog Press want you to remember that feeling and write them a poem that describes the monster that kept you hidden beneath the bedclothes with the best of the entries to be published in their own supernatural Bestiary of the Night.

The winner will:

  • Receive £100 in Prize Money
  • Receive 250 copies of their poem beautifully printed in Artcard form
  • See their poem beautifully reproduced in a great new anthology, to be published by the Hedgehog Poetry Press

All of the shortlisted poets will be invited to have their poem included in the anthology too and everybody who has their work featured will receive copies of the finished work.

The competition will be judged by Mark Davidson, Editor of The Hedgehog Poetry Press.