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‘Heroine Eyes – Celebrating Poetry By Women’ Single Poem Competition

You only need to open one of the ‘Best Poets of the – choose your favourite – Century’ books to realise that women poets have never received their share of recognition. The Hedgehog Press are aiming to put that right with an anthology of poetry inspired by the often disregarded greats.

So whether it is the work of Plath or Dickinson that inspires you, or if you have read wider and love Judith Sargent Murray, Wislawa Szymborska or Pauli Murray, this is your opportunity to pay tribute to them.

Hedgehog Press ask that you write and dedicate a poem to a female writer who you feel should be better respected. This can be written ‘in the style of’ or just draw influence from a favourite poem of theirs – you could even choose to see today’s world through your heroine’s eyes, as it were – it is entirely up to you to decide.

Include the poet’s name as either the poem title or a dedication.

The winner will:

  • Receive £100 in Prize Money
  • Receive 250 copies of their poem beautifully printed in Artcard form
  • Seeing their poem beautifully reproduced in a great new Anthology, to be published by the Hedgehog Poetry Press

All shortlisted poets will be invited to have their poem included in the anthology too and of course everybody who has their work featured will receive copies of the finished work.

The competition will be judged by Mark Davidson, Editor of The Hedgehog Poetry Press.