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paris for lovers

Rashanna Rashied-Walker

lower the carousel please

for I have yet to cover these fateful scars

diligently lifting myself on pink and blue

genre pony is a cross between a swan and a newt

even though the archer aged

in typed faced years

above small children

I coax the conductor to invest in me

he insists on my imaginary partner

letting reins free

to vertical pole steadiness

nature leads battlefields

pounding born leaders

wizards, wards, and warriors

to perish all grocery and laundry mat colonizers

as jet setting polishes

antagonizing couples

obsessed with failure sports and irritating effects of sound

rolling off backs of tongues

with colour for certain days

oh society

romance holds tightly to these moving platters

until it’s time to perform

the perfect dismount


From Fire No 26 (2007)