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Mirror Mirror

Lorraine Mariner

Zadie Smith imposes 15-minute mirror time limit on her daughter (HuffPost)


From the age of 7

                                    at every opportunity                        I would lock myself

                        in my parent's bathroom                                  and place the lid down

                                    on the toilet                                                stand on it

                      and stare at myself                                                      in the mirror

                            for well over                                                            15 minutes.

                          I loved what                                                               I saw there.

I was Whitney and Madonna                                                               I was accepting Grammies

          I was kissing an Oscar                                                                I was in a beige swivel chair

             telling Terry Wogan                                                                about my latest novel

   I was striding purposefully                                                                towards the door of No. 10

            I was bending my head                                                           so they could place gold medals

around my neck for every sport                                                        that had ever been invented

            depending on the season.                                                   The mirror was a television

                                    and I was on it                                                bursting with pride

                                                fighting back                       tears of joy

thanking my mother.