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In Jan Neruda's Tavern

Alejandra del Río

Reading from Southbank Centre's Poetry Parnassus festival, 2012. Reading in Spanish.

Translated from the Spanish by Thomas Charles L. Rothe:
In Jan Neruda’s Tavern
            Poor Catallus, stop your nonsense
            and accept the loss of what you see is lost
A Czech of extraordinary scale sways me in his rhythm of moulded metals
teaching me with a mellow accent to say
red flower in winter
A giant Czech is grateful for the light contact of our fingers
A huge Czech begins to wane as he drinks more
A small Czech could drown in his own tears
maybe confessing domestic problems
A petty Czech sleeps off his drunkenness on my shoulder
while he makes himself invisible he murmurs some words of gratitude
Before disappearing he offers on more glass of Becherovka.

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