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Fortune Cookie Scrapbook

John McKernan

Jesus visit you soon


Buddha visit you too


He will kick you down stairs of that girl's

           apartment in East Omaha


He will show Terry J. where you live

            so Terry talk to you about money


Remember way Terry said brass knuckles?


He will bring your pasty white palsied

            hand knock on some curious doors


Voices behind the doors will not be

            conjugating Greek verbs


He will show you ladder made of bones

            yellow bones & blue bones


He will not call you Professor or Sir


He will tell you to crtawl up on cross

           to see the view


He might laugh when the sun rises  Might not


He will hand you a cobra and tell you

            it's a telescope


He will slide you the wood bucket with

the stale wine


He might have spare needle or fishing hook


He will fill your plate with unbelievable

           words in alphabet soup


He will keep saying  Translate better


He will push the word human off the blackboard


From Smoke No 51 (Winter 2003)