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The Bronze Bull

Les Murray

Went down to Wall Street

and the Bull it was gone

the mighty bronze one

squat lord of Wall Street.

A year and a half

before the subprime

not even a calf

wore bronze on that small street,


some skyscrapers may have.

Squared flow-lines, tight-packed

are the charging Bull’s style.

In battle with his Squaremacht

the dumpy brown Allies

were brave in round turrets

or ice-furred as the Bear

but they took home Bull’s power.


Haven’t been back

among Wall Street diviners

where green faith’s assigned its

hourly valuations.

Don’t know if the hoof-scraping

humpmaster of freedom

is back in place there

or off fighting Baby Bear.


From Oxford Poetry Vol 13 No 1 (Spring 2009)

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