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Thu 20 Feb 2020
A competition for students in schools and colleges to learn and to recite poems by heart
Wed 12 Feb 2020
Find out what's been added to our collection this winter
Wed 05 Feb 2020
Our new year highlights
Mon 13 Jan 2020
Highlights from our latest crop of UK poetry magazines
Wed 04 Dec 2019
Have you read them all?
Mon 09 Dec 2019
Find out when we're open over the festive period
Wed 04 Dec 2019
Check out our final picks of 2019
Thu 05 Dec 2019
Find out what we've collected over the past month
Mon 25 Nov 2019
Congratulations to Nina, who is also one of our library assistants
Thu 14 Nov 2019
Find out what's new in this winter