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Thu 17 Jun 2021
The National Poetry Library reopened on 28th May and we look forward to seeing you!
Mon 11 May 2020
Presenting a brand new series of poems in response to the global pandemic
Mon 04 May 2020
Some highlights from the online world of poetry magazines
Wed 13 May 2020
Marking the centenary of one of the most inventive poets of the 20th century
Wed 22 Apr 2020
We're marking the 50th anniversary of Earth Day by bringing you some of our favourite nature poems
Tue 07 Apr 2020
Bringing you some of our favourite poetry magazines to read online
Mon 04 May 2020
Now is the time for digital borrowing
Thu 20 Jan 2022
Artist Mary Kuper is bringing words to life in a new series exploring different etymologies