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September Magazine Round-up

This September we have received all kinds of magazines, from those with a particular focus like Blithe Spirit, an appreciation of all things haiku and related forms, to the all-encompassing PN Review. This month's arrivals should bring hope and inspiration to budding writers as a clear indication that that there is plenty of space out there for publishing a range of styles and interests.

Myslexia 79

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Issue 79 of Mslexia is definitely the magazine to explore this month if you're after further poetic inspiration and advice. Julia Webb’s poem 'Girls' School - after Les Murray' uses the Golden Shovel technique, where the poet takes a line from an admired poem and uses each word in it as an end word in their poem.  Two for the price of one effectively! There's also helpful tips from Malika Booker on how to successfully perform your poetry.

Critical Quarterly

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Atkinson, Jessica

There's plenty of interesting essays to be read this month too. Neil Pattison’s discussion of Alexander Pope’s failed Brutus poem in Critical Quarterly  explores the factors that can encourage, affect or halt the writing process, including politics, religion and any persecution personally experienced by an individual poet. 

In the autumn issue of Tears in the Fence, Greg Bright’s exploration on the definition of poetry leads him to beautifully conclude that:

Poetry, as we know it, is language that dwells with the signifier. Poets attempt to emancipate the signifier out of the shackled prose of mundanity.
Greg Bright, Tears in the Fence 2018

Coast to Coast to Coast

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One of the most unique and visually impressive magazines this month is the 4th issue of Coast to Coast to Coast. Edited by Maria Isakova Bennett and Michael Brown, it is itself a piece of artwork with the handstiched cover and pages. The featured poems are always as beautiful as the magazine, with the current issue featuring poems exploring nature, language, rhythm and form. 

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