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December Magazines Round-up

This December, 26 new magazines landed on our shelves. Here are some highlights: 

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Although being aimed at ages 7-12, Scoop is sure to entertain a far wider audience with its poems, short stories, interviews, historical facts, comics and quizzes. This magazine is particularly inspirational for budding young poets, getting them familiar with a wide range of styles. Issue 19 describes the history behind 'The Pied Piper of Hamelin', one of Victorian poet Robert Browning’s most welll-known poems alongside a poem by Ide Crawford, the winner of the 2018 Betjeman Poetry Prize for 10-13 year olds.

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While reflecting on 2018, the editor of volume ii of Tenebrae wearily writes "Things are Bad", a sentiment which may resonate as events from over the last year are recounted in some of the work here - responses to the death of The Fall singer Mark E. Smith and the higher education strikes are particularly notable. But this journal ultimately acts as an antidote to the weariness it describes - poetry, philosophy, politics and music all collide and combine in exciting and often playful ways, making these slim 42 pages a rich, thought-provoking and rewarding read.

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We’re very sad that this month saw the final issue of Elbow Room. Founded in 2012 after Rosie Sherwood followed a sign saying 'Zines Zines Zines' in Adelaide, Australia, it was always a pleasure to receive this limited edition handbound journal, with its khaki green cover and ink-stamped title. Sherwood calls herself a curator rather than editor and each issue has been a space for poetry, fiction and art to rub shoulders. The last 6 years have seen 20 issues, 3 special editions, competitions and a series of events. In her last editorial Sherwood writes of the “gifts” the journal has given her, “confidence and bravery, a project to grow with, a way to open doors… It has also been instrumental in my meeting a handful of people who have become some of my closest friends.” We look forward to whatever Sherwood’s As Yet Untitled press gets up to next and hope Elbow Room might inspire others to create their own magazine.

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