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7.00pm | Wednesday 11 Mar 2020
Calling all adventurers
7.30pm | Wednesday 11 Mar 2020
Showcasing an innovative imprint
7.30pm | Thursday 12 Mar 2020
Hear Dean Atta live at Keats House
7.30pm | Thursday 12 Mar 2020
Inspirational poet shakes his feathers

Emirati Poets in London

Image Credit: 
Bayrem Ben Mrad. © British Council
Two poets working together
8.00pm | Thursday 12 Mar 2020
The spotlight’s on poetic talent from the United Arab Emirates in an evening of readings and discussion
10.15am | Saturday 14 Mar 2020
With Roz Goddard
10.30am | Saturday 14 Mar 2020
Explore the theme of glass in poetry in this workshop with Judy Brown
10.30am | Saturday 14 Mar 2020
Get things in order at this workshop with James Davies
11.00am | Saturday 14 Mar 2020
Visit landmarks in the lives of Percy Bysshe Shelley and Mary Shelley
7.30pm | Sunday 15 Mar 2020
Hear performances from Tim Waller, Carol DeVaughn and Katherine Gallagher