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6.00pm | Wednesday 5 Jun 2019
Steve McCaffery performs from his acclaimed work

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Ollie Palmer
8.00pm | Wednesday 5 Jun 2019
Shift your perspective at an evening with poets Kate Davis, Abi Palmer and Meryl Pugh, whose works reflect on gender, disability, place and the body
6.00pm | Friday 7 Jun 2019
Explore The Foundling Museum's collection through verse
6.30pm | Friday 7 Jun 2019
A new and unique collaboration between a seminal award-winning author and five artists
7.00pm | Friday 7 Jun 2019
A monthly poetry meeting
9.30am | Saturday 8 Jun 2019
This year's theme is 'Plants, Brain and Imagination'
10:30 am | Sat 08 & Sun 09 June 2019
Create poems inspired by dreams
4.30pm | Monday 10 Jun 2019
Celebrate International Archives Day at John Harvard Library
8.00pm | Monday 10 Jun 2019
An evening celebrating American poets and poetry at the Troubadour
8.00pm | Wednesday 12 Jun 2019
Bring along your own poem about 'place' to this evening of readings