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NPL Open Day 2018

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Harpreet Kalsi
12.00pm | Sunday 21 Oct 2018
Set off on a journey into the heart of modern poetry at our open day on the theme of odysseys
4.00pm | Sunday 21 Oct 2018
Hear the ultimate oral poem, The Odyssey, read aloud at an event inspired by Emily Wilson's new translation
8.00pm | Sunday 21 Oct 2018
Poets A.K. Blakemore, Greta Bellamacina and Keith Jarrett present new work in response to our open day displays
6.30pm | Monday 22 Oct 2018
Celebrate Black History Month at our book club exploring some of the poetry from the Harlem Renaissance

Jay Bernard

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Hayley Madden
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7.00pm | Tuesday 23 Oct 2018
Join us for a readings by a gathering of ten Foyle Award-winning poets from across the decades
7.30pm | Tuesday 23 Oct 2018
Poet julianknxx asks big questions about love, masculinity and social justice, with added live music
7:30 pm | Tue 23 Oct 2018
Live readings from Ruth Padel and Fawzi Karim with translator Anthony Howell
2:00 pm | Wed 24 Oct 2018
Retrace the footsteps of John Keats and Isabella Jones
8:30 pm | Wed 24 Oct 2018
Poetry readings from Trevor Joyce, Fergal Gaynor and Niall McDevitt
8.00pm | Wednesday 24 Oct 2018
Much-lauded poets Nujoom Alghanem, Ali Al Shaali and Maryam Mahyoh read their work