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Sat 08 Dec 2018 - Sat 28 Mar 2020
Merlynda Robinson performs her satirical poetry
10:45 am | Thu 16 Jan – Thu 19 Mar 2020
Lectures exploring Ovid's poem and the art it has inspired

Rug Rhymes: Eco Edition

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India Roper Evans
Rug Rhymes at National Poetry Library
10.30am | Monday 17 Feb 2020
A short session of green nursery rhymes and poems for under-5s and their carers

Poems Go Green

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Copyright 2019 Nick Park and Martin Kiszko Green Poems for a Blue Planet. All Rights Reserved.
Polar bear sitting on arctic ice
1.30pm | Monday 17 Feb 2020
Poets share planet-friendly poems on disappearing tigers, talking rubbish and ‘poo power’
3.00pm | Monday 17 Feb 2020
Adventure into snowy mountains and deep blue oceans with poems celebrating the world you live in
7.30pm | Tuesday 18 Feb 2020
Plus an open mic session
6.30pm | Thursday 20 Feb 2020
A lecture led by Professor Damian Walford Davies
7.30pm | Friday 21 Feb 2020
Discover more about the poet's work and life
1.00pm | Saturday 22 Feb 2020
Award-winning poet Ben Ray brings together oral history testimony and poetry in this exciting workshop.
1.00pm | Sunday 23 Feb 2020
Join poets and psychogeographers Chris McCabe and Niall McDevitt on a Blake-inspired walk