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Rug Rhymes

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Harpreet Kalsi
Rug Rhymes puppet at Southbank Centre
10.30am | Friday 13 Sep 2019
A short session of nursery rhymes and poems for under-5s and their carers
Wed 18 Sep - Wed 11 Dec 2019
A course for people who have things to say about the world and want to channel them into their poetry
Wed 18 Sep - Wed 11 Dec 2019
For reasonably confident poets who want to experiment more with form and metre
Wed 18 Sep - Wed 11 Dec 2019
Explore the relationship between science and poetry
Wed 18 Sep - Wed 11 Dec 2019
Create poetry in response to the current global climate emergency
2:00 pm | Sat 05 Oct, Sat 02 Nov & Sat 07 Dec 2019
Thought-provoking workshop sessions
7.00pm | Monday 11 Nov 2019
Explore colour, movement and light in language in a five-week poetry course inspired by Bridget Riley, led by poet Rachel Long
12:00 pm | Sun 24 Nov & Sun 08 Dec 2019
A poetry workshop led by Anne-Marie Fyfe
9.30am | Saturday 7 Dec 2019
Get a relaxed but in-depth analysis of your poems
Including foundation level courses and mentoring opportunities