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7:00 pm | every third Wed of the month
A space to read or to listen

Rug Rhymes

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Harpreet Kalsi
10.30am | Friday 14 Sep 2018
A short session of nursery rhymes and poems for under-5s and their carers
12:00 pm & 3:00 pm | various
Learn about the role poetry has played in inspiring resistance

Painting by W.S. Graham

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The W.S. Graham Estate
11.00am | Friday 19 Oct 2018
Make room for creativity at an interactive reconstruction of Scottish poet WS Graham’s creative space in an exhibition celebrating his centenary year
2:00 pm | Wed 24 Oct 2018
Retrace the footsteps of John Keats and Isabella Jones
8:30 pm | Wed 24 Oct 2018
Poetry readings from Trevor Joyce, Fergal Gaynor and Niall McDevitt
8.00pm | Wednesday 24 Oct 2018
Much-lauded poets Nujoom Alghanem, Ali Al Shaali and Maryam Mahyoh read their work
3:00pm | Thu 25 Oct 2018
An afternoon of both featured poets and an open mic
6:00pm | Thu 25 Oct 2018
Celebrate the launch of the first 2018 Templar Straid Collection
7.00pm | Thursday 25 Oct 2018
Hear emerging Somali poets and spoken-word artists from the Share Your Talent platform