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Rug Rhymes

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Harpreet Kalsi
Rug Rhymes puppet at Southbank Centre
10.30am | Friday 13 Sep 2019
A short session of nursery rhymes and poems for under-5s and their carers
7.00pm | Monday 11 Nov 2019
Explore colour, movement and light in language in a five-week poetry course inspired by Bridget Riley, led by poet Rachel Long
11.00am | Thursday 5 Dec 2019
A new exhibition commemorates Samuel Beckett

The Pen-Ting Poetry Showcase

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SKY GOD and The Repeat Beat Poet
8.00pm | Wednesday 8 Jan 2020
Bringing you some of the freshest poetry talent in London

TS Eliot Prize Readings

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Herbert Vandyk
Portrait of Poet, TS Eliot
7.00pm | Sunday 12 Jan 2020
On the eve of the TS Eliot Prize, hear the shortlisted poets reading from their own work

T S Eliot Book Club

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TS Eliot Prize Readings
Portrait of TS Eliot
6.30pm | Monday 20 Jan 2020
Share your thoughts on the winner of the 2020 TS Eliot Prize
8.00pm | Wednesday 5 Feb 2020
For over 200 years, Spanish poets have walked London’s streets - and used them for inspiration
8.00pm | Wednesday 4 Mar 2020
Conjure myth, magic, fable and feminism at a reading by leading voices in contemporary poetry

Crossing Boundaries

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Lee Kah Yeow
Crossing Boundaries at Southbank Centre
8.00pm | Wednesday 1 Apr 2020
Traverse cultures and languages at a reading from UK-based poets of East Asian heritages and identities