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Portrait of Ruth Sutoyé

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Gifty Dzenyo
Portrait of Ruth Sutoyé
Wednesday 7th September 2022
Hear readings from poets featured in the anthology Before Them, We at September’s Special Edition in the National Poetry Library, with editor Ruth Sutoyé.
7.00pm | Wednesday 14 Sep 2022
Celebrating the history and voice that have shaped the poetry of Gloucestershire School of Poetry
7.00pm | Thursday 15 Sep 2022
An anthology event which presents the work of Michael, Frances, and Adam Horovitz with Jo Simpson
6.30pm | Wednesday 21 Sep 2022
Explore the Dymock Poets with Colin Bancroft and Rowan Middleton
8.00pm | Wednesday 21 Sep 2022
This event will explore how the idea of home has affected the works of Gloucestershire-based poets: David Clarke, Derek Healy, Duncan Forbes and Anna Saunders and will be followed by an open mic.
6.45pm | Friday 23 Sep 2022
Zoe Brooks, JM Morton, Angela France and Emily Wills read their poems, followed by an open mic
8.30pm | Friday 23 Sep 2022
An evening of feel-good hip hop and music at Cheltenham Poetry Festival with Professor Elemental