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Transformation As Art, Ovid’s Metamorphoses

Explore Ovid's Metamorphoses - the poem and the art it has inspired - in ten weekly two-hour morning lectures with powerpoint illustration.

If Ovid had never existed, there would be plenty of blank walls in the world’s art galleries. His masterpiece, Metamorphoses, has uniquely influenced art and literature across 2,000 years, ravishing the palettes of artists from Raphael and Titian through Velasquez, Rembrandt and Giordano to Tiepolo, Poussin and Moreau.

Lives, Ovid says wryly, will always be liable to sudden change by forces outside ourselves and of that alone can we be certain. But who is the magician?

Dates and times
10:45 am | Thu 16 Jan – Thu 19 Mar 2020
The University Women's Club
2 Audley Square
£499 | £59 single lecture